Saturday, September 19, 2009

Strawberry Patch Coaster Set

To make the coasters, you will need red fabric with tiny white dots like dotted Swiss, some bright green fabric for the stem and hull, fabric glue and clear adhesive backed paper. Be sure the scissors are very sharp, so there will be no ragged edges on the paper or fabric.
For the large coaster, cut two big strawberry pieces from the red fabric; cut two stem pieces from green fabric. Using the glue very sparingly, dot a small amount here and there on one strawberry back. Place the wrong sides of the two berry pieces together, then glue green stem pieces in place at top of the berry, matching back and front sides as closely as possible. Set aside to dry. Assemble the small berry coasters in the same manner as the large one. When pieces are thoroughly dried, carefully trim all edges evenly. Cut a piece of adhesive backed paper slightly larger than the coaster. Apply to fabric, smoothing it as you go. Be sure to brush off any lint or loose thread before sealing coasters with paper. Apply another piece of paper to the back side of the coaster. Press down firmly. Cut around fabric design, leaving ¼ inch margin around the edges and seal edges well by pressing all around with fingers.

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