Saturday, September 19, 2009

Spoon Doll

Materials: Scrap of brightly colored calico, some muslin and fiberfill, 1/2 yard eyelet trim, 1/4 yard grosgrain ribbon 3/8" wide, acrylic paint, wooden spoon.
Edible Crafts: Make Candy Bouquets and Centerpieces For Fun & Profit.
1. The face can be painted or carved on the smooth rounded back of the spoon bowl according to your whim. For some added fun, paint one side of the spoon with a happy face, the other side with a sad one.
2. Follow the Dress Diagram below to make a T-shaped pattern for the dress. Use this pattern to cut two pieces from calico.
3. Stitch shoulders together with right sides facing and raw edges even, leaving 4" neck edge open. Cut eyelet trim to fit sleeve and neck edges; stitch eyelet to fabric with right sides facing; press seams away from eyelet.
4. Stitch sides of dress together, turning stitching at underarms to stitch sleeves. Hem bottom edge of dress.
5. Use actual-size pattern for arm to cut four pieces from muslin, adding 1/4" seam allowance around edges; stitch two pairs together and turn to right side. Stuff firmly with fiberfill; turn raw edges at opening to inside and slip-stitch opening closed.
6. Slip-stitch one arm inside each sleeve, so hand and wrist extend beyond eyelet. Slip dress onto spoon; tie in place at neck and waist with grosgrain ribbon.
7. If desired you can use yarn for hair or simply draw a hair design.

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