Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Important info for Artists

One of my Friend Anil ji is Suggested one Site for me..

i Found this Site Very Helpful For Artist ,so recommending u all,If u all like Join There..

Hi , Please Motivate your Artist Friend's . register as a Artist at www.nilamihouse.com , our website launch on 24th we need Artist like you , Hello Artist please register as a Artist www.nilamihouse.com and sell your art here , no commission or middlemen here, direct contact from buyer's

we promote only Artist

here in your pro we display your contact so catch direct buyer .

Note: Please Register www.nilamihouse.com . want to display your art. . see our Art galleries information . art galleries owner http://www.nilamihouse.com/artgallery.aspx visit this site regularly , they search Artist and his Art, if they like work they can invite Artist and also buy art. so upload your work regularly


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hi Friendz

Here is no space left out For uploading More Pix,We already Cross the limit of 400 MB or something Place,so please check more on my Other Blog(Craft For The Craft Part Two)....i have lot to Share,my aim to Create this Blog is to Spread ideas And to Get more and more ideas from all of u....i have Shared a lot of Links,other Post Tutorials and other Craft ideas,i just want to help those people who don't have enough money and time to Go for classes..i hope u People Understand me and Co-operate me to Spread Craft And be Craftistic with me...