Saturday, September 19, 2009

Patchwork Wreath

patchwreath.gif (750699 bytes)
Materials: 8- 2" x 2" squares of different color calico; 1/2 bag of fiberfill; 1-1/2 yard cotton lace; 3 yards 2" Scotch plaid ribbon. Instruction:
Sew together 4- 2" x 2" squares of varying prints to form a 4" x 4" square. Repeat. Draw a circle which touches each of the joining seams. A, B, C, D. Draw a smaller inner circle. Cut out both of the circles and place the prints face to face. Stitch them together 3/4 of an inch in from the edge. Leave a small opening to stuff the fiberfill inside, after inverting the material. When a complete donut is formed, tie ribbons around where the seams are formed and tie into bows. Also tied bows at the midway points and an extra large bow at the top.
Variation shown in photo has 8 different patterns side by side. This is achieved by sewing together the 4 pieces as explained above and then cutting diagonally across from corner to corner and creating an additional "pie slice." Sew all the sides together and cut out the center and round the edges. Continue as above.
Take large scotch plaid ribbon and wind around wreath, pulling as you twist so that each time a small amount of the cloth in-between puffs up. Join the two ends and the bottom and sew together. Make a large bow and stitch on at this joint.

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