Friday, September 25, 2009

Soft Toy-Rag Doll

Rag Doll

A Rag doll, as the name suggests is a doll that is made from your old throw away clothes.
 Materials Required

  • White Baniyan or soft white cloth
  • Printed Material -1 Meter
  • Plain Material- 11/2 Meters
  • Plastic- 3 Meter
  • Black Double Knit wool
  • Fibre Cotton-11/2 KG
  • Eyes (2 Black Buttons)
  • Fabric Paints (Black and Red)
  • Ribbon
Printed waste material is used for the arms, body and cap and the plain material for the legs, waist and collar . The Baniyan or soft white cloth is used for the head, palms and feet.
For the Legs - 14 circles (5 inch diameter each)
For the hand (printed material) -  8 circles (4 inch diameter each)
For the chest (printed material) -  2 circles (6 inch diameter each)
For the collar -  1 circle (7 inch diameter each)
For the waist -  1 circles (7 inch diameter each)
For the head - 2 baniyan pieces each of 10 inch breadth and 8 inch length
For the hat (printed material) - 1 circle (3.5 inches in diameter). Extra printed material is required to make the frills on the hat.
For the palm - 4 Baniyan pieces each of 2 inch breadth and 3 inch length
For the feet - 4 Baniyan pieces each of 2 inch breadth and 3 inch length
  • Now draw one circle each of each part (except head, palm and feet) on to a chart paper and cut it in shape.
  • Place the cut out chart paper on the material and cut the material according to it.
  • Next, along the seam, using needle and thread do running stitch. Do not end the stitch.
  • Now pull one end to bring the edges together. Then fill it with fibre cotton till it is compact. Now end the stitch.  Like this make the rest of the balls.

  • For the face, two pieces of baniyan are joined along the seam leaving one end open. Through this opening fill the face with fibre cotton and then close it.
  • Similarly, do the palms and the feet in the shape given in the figure
Now lets start to make the doll.
  • Fix elastic of length 12" approx at the bottom of the head.
  • Fix a needle and thread on the elastic. 
  • Using this needle and thread push the collar, chest and waist by taking it through the centre.
  • Pull the elastic and tie a knot.

  • Now take elastic (length 16") and tie a knot below the collar. Leaving equal proportion on both sides.
  • For the legs take 24" elastic and tie it below the waist.
  • Now just as you have threaded in the collar, chest and waist, thread in the legs and hands.
  • For the hair fringes in the front take approx 48" black wool and fold it to approx 3" length. Now tie a knot at the centre. Now fix it on the face. Similarly make 10 such bunches and fix on the face.
  • For hair plaits-Make two plaits or braid strands of  black wool and fix it on the head.
  • Stick the eyes and paint the eye brows and lips.
  • For the cap, make frills around the piece of material and stitch it on the head.

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