Friday, September 25, 2009

Sauce Bottle Dog

A simple but cute looking dog can be made from a glass bottle and some wool. This is an easy to do craft requiring maybe an hour of your time. So get going.. have a cute dog waiting on your table when your loved ones come back home. 

  • Sauce Bottle or any other medium size glass bottle
  • Double Knit wool ( any colour of your choice)
  • A Plastic Bangle (diameter same as or less than the base of the bottle)
  • Two eyes, 1 nose
  • Glue ( Fevicol)

First make an external cover to the bottle with the woolen thread. Cut out a long thread of wool say four times the length of the bottle. Fold the thread two fold and tie knots around the plastic bangle at intervals say around nine knots. Now you have nine pairs of wool thread hanging from the bangle. Take one thread from a pair and another from the adjacent pair and tie them together. Repeat all around the bangle and now we have nine

triangles with nine pairs of wool thread hanging from it.

Then again tie one thread from a pair together with another thread from the adjacent pair and so on all around to get nine diamond shapes. Repeat the process till it reaches almost the length of the bottle. Insert the bottle into the thread cover with the bangle at the bottom. Tie together all the hanging threads at the top of the bottle tightly.
Those who know crochet can alternatively make the covering on the bottle with crochet stitches. 

To make the legs, hair and tail of the dog, cut out threads, say 12inches or more depending on the length of the bottle. Hold them together uniformly and tie a small thread around in the middle to make a bundle. Make four such bundles of equal length and two more lengthier bundles. Tie one of the 12inch bundle in the middle at the top of the bottle to form the hair. Tie two bundles on either sides around the mid portion of the bottle to form the hind legs and one at the back for the tail. Then tie the lengthier bundles on either side as the front legs.

To make the face, make two balls; one slightly bigger than the other. Wind 6'inch length thread around the hands for a number of times, slip off the windings from the hand, tie with a thread in the middle and cut off the folded ends. Let this be the bigger ball, then make a smaller one in the same way. Tie the balls together. Stick the eyes with glue on either sides of the bigger ball and the mouth in the middle of the small ball. Tie the face at the top of the bottle just below the hair.  Now your cute sauce bottle dog is ready.

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