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Sewing-How To Sew Seams

How To Sew Seams
fabric showing how to sew seams

Choose the hemming technique that best suits your project for that perfect finish.



Fig 1: How to mark the hem line
Mark a strip of cardboard at the height of the hem you desire; move the cardboard along the fabric using pins to mark the hem; fold the fabric along the line that you have marked and then tack.

Fig 2: Blind hem stitch
Fold the hem under 0.5 cm. Hold the folded edge in your left hand so that the thread is loose and cannot be seen on the outside. Make a small horizontal stitch in the fabric by picking up only a few surface threads, and then make another horizontal stitch by taking up 3 or 4 threads along the folded edge, repeat these steps continuously.

Fig 3: Herringbone stitch
This stitch is used on lined garments and on heavy fabric. Fold a small hem up. Begin from the left and stitch horizontally to the right along the upper part from right to left and then along the lower part, always from right to left, moving diagonally rightward. Repeat these steps continuously.

Fig 4: False hem
This is used when there is not enough fabric to make a hem. Using an open stitch sew a strip of lighter fabric, usually the lining, to the garment at the hem. Tack, fold and sew the edge of the strip. Sew the edge with a slip stitch.

Fig 5: How to modify a hem
In order to stop the folded fabric from pulling, you will have to make some stitches along the outer hem and then stitch over them, tack them and then sew the hem as you would normally. However, if you have too much cloth, you will have to make some small folds and then sew them to the hem itself.
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