Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sewing-How To Reinforce A Hem

How To Reinforce A Hem
fabric showing how to reinforce a hem

Learn how to reinforce a hem with Coats Crafts UK. The herringbone stitch also has a decorative effect.



Fig 1
Thread and tack to mark out the edges of an equilateral triangle no higher than 1.5 cm. Then make a herringbone stitch by having the needle exit the cloth along the lower left-hand angle pointing upward and making a small stitch from right to left.

Fig 2
Sewing again with the thread angling downwards to the right and then make a horizontal stitch exiting the cloth from the left-hand angle.

Fig 3
Sew again from top to bottom under the last stitch and then make a stitch to the left.

Fig 4
Repeat the stitches in figures 2 and 3 until the triangle is completely covered, thus obtaining the shape of a fish bone.
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reinforce hem fig 1

reinforce hem fig 2

reinforce hem fig 3

reinforce hem fig 4

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