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Sewing-Know Your Sewing Needles

Know Your Sewing Needles
sewing needle and thread

To ensure you choose the best needle for the task in hand we have the perfect guide for you.



Easy- Threading
Easy Threading needles have a slot eye into which the thread is pulled. They’re especially made for people who have difficulty in threading ordinary needles.

Betweens or Quilting needles are short for quick even stitching. Traditionally used by tailors and professional sewers.

Milliners needles are long with round eyes for work on bonnets, hats etc. They are also suitable for pleating and decoration work on children's dresses.

Embroidery or Crewel needles are the same as Sharps, but have long eyes to take one or more threads of Anchor stranded cotton. Mainly used for embroidery.

Bodkins are flat or round and have large eyes for threading cords, tapes and elastics.

Darning needles are for mending work with wool or cottons. Sizes 14-18 are known as Wool or Yarn Darners and are used for spanning large holes.

Long Darners
Darning needles have very long eyes for mending work with wool or cottons.

Tapestry needles have blunt points which slip between fabric yarns without splitting them. Use them with wool or thick embroidery cotton on canvas or open mesh fabric.

Sharps needles are for general purpose sewing. Their short round eyes provide added strength.

Chenille needles are short with very long eyes. They are ideal for chenille work and for stitching coarse materials with thick yarns.

Leather needles have triangular points that pierce without tearing. Use them for gloves, belts and all garments in leather, vinyl or plastic.

Beading needles are very fine and straight with long eyes. They are specially made to thread beads and pearls.

Ball Point Sewing
Ball point needles are specially designed for use on jersey, stretch and other synthetic fabrics. The rounded point ensures that they do not cut, tear or damage the material.

Twin Needle
A twin needle is constructed with two needles on a crossbar from a single shaft. They can be used with zigzag sewing machines that thread front to back. Also used to sew two rows of stitching at the same time.

u get many more from here...

Easy Threading

Round Eye

Long Eye

Tapestry Eye

Tapestry Point

Normal Point

Leather Point

Ball Point

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