Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pot Painting-Method 8

Materials Required :
›     Empty box
›     Plaster of paris
›     Clay
›     Fabric Paint
›     Varnish

Method :

    ›     We will take any waste box like i have take a empty box of drink.

    ›     Then we have to wrape this pot(box) with the help of plaster of paris and we wil give any texture with our fingures.

    ›     Then after drying it we will make some flowers with clay and paste it on the pot.

    ›     Then let it dry.

    ›     After drying it we will colour the base with different colour and the design(flowers)will be of different colour(fabric colours).

    ›     Then after drying these colours we will use varnish for shining the pot.

    ›     Then the pot is ready.

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