Saturday, September 26, 2009

M-Seal Boquet

Things Required :
    1. M-seal
    2. Glue
    3. Fabric Colours
    4. Thin Wires
    5. Green Tape
    6. Glossy spray
         7. Scissors


For Flowers:

Mix well thoroughly so that both the white part and black part of the m-seal become one grey colour.Take a small portion from this mixture and roll it. Then take a thin wire and bend it into half. Roll the mixture around wire so that the top portion of the wire is fully covered. Again, take a smallm portion from the mixture and roll it and make it like a flat rounded shape. Roll this around the wire and make it like a petal by pulling the upper edges of it. Apply glue at the lower edges to stick it thoroughly. Let it dry for a day.

Take the green take and cover the bottom of the flower
till the end of the wire so that it looks like a stem of a flower.Take fabric colours of your wish and paint it according to your imagination.Let it dry. Apply glossy spray on it to get a glossy effect.

For Leaves:

Take the green tape and cut it into two equal lengths. Apply glue on one and place the thin wire the place the another one on it. Press it with fingers. let it dry. Take the scissors and cut the edges cursively. Now give a bend at the middle of it so that it look like a grass.

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