Saturday, September 26, 2009

Letter Holder made up of Jute

Material Required:
* Old jute shopping bag
* Colored jute Rope
* Buttons ,Beads,Seashells etc.,
* Glue and Scissors

Method :
*      Take the jute bag,cut both side portion of the bag
*      Take one piece of that and cut it into two pieces (which is smaller in height of the another piece because we put the letter in to it)
*      Then paste the two pieces one below one into the long piece with some gap
*      We take other color stripe of jute from the bag and paste that piece as a border of the bag we pasted earlier
*      Then paste some beads or somthing into the bag for decorative
*      Put the colored jute rope on top of the holder
*      Now Jute Letter Holder is Ready

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