Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pen Pencil Holder

Materials Required :
Coke tin
Plaster of peris
Fabric Colour

Method :

     ›     First we will take any waste container like i have taken coke tin .
     ›     Then we will cut the mouth of tin with the help of knife for making the holder.
     ›     Then we will wrap the tin with plaster of peris.
     ›     After drying it we will make a dought of clay.
     ›     Then we will make some heart shapes.
     ›     Then we will paste these heart shapes on the tin all around, as we want the design.
     ›     Then after drying these hearts we will make some rose flowers on the hearts.
     ›     Then after drying the whole holder.
     ›     We will colour the whole pen, pencil holder with different colours.(with fabric colours)
     ›     Then we will varnish the holder for shinning.
     ›     Now our pen, pencil holder is ready.
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