Thursday, September 24, 2009

Embroidery - How To Cross Stitch

How To Cross Stitch
close up of fabric showing how to cross stitch

Cross stitch may be worked from right to the left or left to the right and the upper stitch of the Cross can slope in either direction. However, it must lie the same direction throughout.



Fig 1
Bring the thread through at A insert it at B (2 threads up and 2 threads to the left) and bring it out at C (2 threads down).

Fig 2
Insert the needle at D (2 threads up and 2 threads to the left and bring it out at E (2 threads down).

Fig 3
Continue as shown.

Fig 4
To complete the upper half of the Cross bring the thread through at I (2 threads down) insert the needle at F (2 threads up and 2 threads to the right, and bring it out of G (2 threads down).

Fig 5
Continue to complete the Crosses.

Fig 6
The finished effect.

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cross stitch fig 1

cross stitch fig 2

cross stitch fig 3

cross stitch fig 4

cross stitch fig 5

cross stitch fig 6

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