Thursday, September 24, 2009

Embroidery - How To Back Stitch

How To Back Stitch
a large image of a butterfly created using the back stitch technique

Back stitch is one of the straight stitches and is most often used as an outlining stitch,
although it can also form the basis
for other decorative stitches. 
It is one of the main stitches used in black work.


Fig 1
Bring the needle through at A and insert the needle at B.

Fig 2
Bring the needle out at C (the distance between C - A and A - B should be equal).

Fig 3
Re-insert the needle at A, making sure the needle is inserted exactly in the hole previously made.

Fig 4
Bring the needle out at D, keeping the distance between D and C, the same as the length of the previous stitches.

Fig 5
Re-insert the needle at C in exactly the same hole as previously made.

u get many more from here...

back stitch fig 1

back stitch fig 2

back stitch fig 3

back stitch fig 4

back stitch fig 5

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