Sunday, August 30, 2009

Themes of Miniature Art paintings

The themes of Indian Miniature differ according to Schools ,the various schools of miniature art painting are:

Jodhpur School: The centre of these hand made paintings are love scenes then the other art figures.

Jaipur School: gods and goddesses, kings and durbars are very attractively painted on hand made papers by the artists.

Kangra School: Real gold, stone, and water colours are squirrel-hair brushes are used. Glittering effect is extended using silver and golden colours.

Mughal School: Love scenes and the Mughal durbar are represented very beautifully on the silk using real gold and stone colors. This art today can be seen on the wooden background also.

Mewar School of Painting: These represent hunting scenes which are painted on cloth and handmade paper using stone colours

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