Sunday, August 30, 2009

History of this Interesting Indian Art form

The history of the Indian miniatures goes back to Persia After the conquest of Hindu India by the Muslim Persians, the workshops of the painters, weavers and architects were moved down over here, thus giving birth to Miniature Art paintings in Mughal style.
After the Mughal reign, which lasted 200 years, by the second part of the 18th century, the Rajput Maharajahs became independent. They employed these highly skilled artists to replace their own artisans, leading to a sort of painting renaissance in northern India. The whole of Rajasthan divided into numerous princely states, patronized miniature art painting. These states had evolved a characteristic style of their own .The paintings of this era have their own unique style, being influenced by the surroundings- the deserts, lakes, hills and valleys, as the case may .Colourful glimpses of history are provided by these paintings depicting hunting and court scenes, festivals, processions, animal and bird life, and scenes from the Raagmala and Raaslila -- Lord Krishna´s life story. Also, courtly lavishness and prosperity have been displayed.
To this date, Indian and Mughal Miniature paintings provide an interesting insight into the lifestyles of earlier centuries and continue to fascinate people. Artists all over India still work and develop on miniatures and continue to produce work par excellence

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