Sunday, August 30, 2009

Method of Miniature Art Paintings

The beautiful art of miniature painting in India is a delight to behold, and it is not surprising that its creation requires a great deal of skill, patience and imagination
Material required
• Tracing paper and carbon paper
• Colours-Anyone of the two can be used.

• Oil colours- These tend to be a bit thicker than acrylics and require thinner for washing, thinning, and brush cleaning .They also dry late

• Acrylic paint- They are water-base and are smoother, though on drying it may become grainy. But mostly acrylics are artist’s choice posters

• Metallic colours
• Brushes-A variety of brushes are required 000 and 5/0 for smaller areas, and from a 10/0 to a 20/0 for fine detail
• Paper

• Rough cloth

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