Sunday, September 6, 2009

Soft Toy - Rabbit

Materials Required
  • Fur cloth
  • Fibre Cotton
  • Felt cloth
  • Chart Paper
  • Marker Pen
  • Scissors
  • Eyes, Nose
  • Needle and Thread
  • Fevi Bond or glue

Method The designs of the body, ears and the base needed to make a rabbit is given below. You must draw bigger versions of the designs as required.
  1. Draw the figure of the body on the wrong side of the fur material. Cut it. You need 2 such pieces.
  2. Draw the ears on the wrong side of the fur. You need 4 such pieces.
  3. Draw the figure of the base of the rabbit on the felt cloth and cut it.
  4. Now join the top part of the body piece with the other similar piece on the wrong side.
  5. Stitching the base to the body piecesThe unstitched part of the body is fixed on to the base. Thus you get a sitting rabbit.
  6. Now what we have is a rabbit with the right side of the fur inside.
  7. In order to get the right side, cut, approx 4" on the felt cloth at the centre without cutting the fur.
  8. Cutting 4" at the centre of the baseUsing this cut, reverse it, (pull the right side out) to get the right side outside. Now fill in the fibre cotton and close the slit.
  9. Similarly do the ears. Do not fill in fibre cotton, in the ear.
  10. Fix the ear on the body using thread and needle. The stitches won't be seen outside as they will be covered with fur.
  11. Stick the eyes and nose with fevibond or glue.

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