Monday, September 21, 2009

Silk Basket Sampler Pin

Silk Basket Sampler Pin
Silk Basket Sampler Pin
Designed by Mary Polityka Bush
Skill Level: Intermediate

Enjoy the softness of silk threads working through your fingers as you stitch this design. Mary has created a small-yet-dynamic project that shows off the natural lustre of pure silk threads—a lustre that is unattainable if you were to substitute cotton or rayon for the silk. This is stitchery at its best; a treat for the fingers and the eyes.

Hints on stitching with silk:
• Use a non-greasy hand cream to moisturize cuticles and fingers to keep the silk from snagging on rough spots.
• Use 15” to 18” lengths of silk for greater control (ie, less tangling and fraying from too many passes through the fabric).
• Strip and reassemble plies of silk before stitching. Separate Silk Serica by applying a countertwist to the 3-ply twisted thread. Separate into 3 plies; do not separate any further.
• Lay multiple strands of Silk Mori or Silk Serica parallel for a neat appearance and for the maximum amount of sheen.
• Let your needle dangle occasionally to relax the thread.

Materials needed:
• Kreinik Silk Mori® 7087 Very Dark Straw, 1094 Medium Wood Violet, 1096 Dark Wood Violet, 4077 Very Dark Dusty Green
• Kreinik Silk Serica® 7087 Very Dark Straw
• 28-count Jobelan in Light Moss (item #429-93 from Wichelt Imports, Inc.)
• #24 Tapestry needle
• 3” squares of 14-ct plastic canvas and lightweight cardboard
• 1 1/2” pinback

Click here to download the FREE instructions for this design. You will need the FREE program Adobe Reader to view and print this file. If you have trouble downloading this file and would like us to send you a printed copy send a #10 SASE to: Silk Basket Sampler Pin, P.O. Box 1258, Parkersburg, WV 26102.

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