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Sewing-How To Use Prym Bias Bars

How To Use Prym Bias Bars
a piece of fabric which uses the Prym Bias Bars technique

Prym Bias Bars are a must for anyone who does lots of “Stained Glass Window” patchwork. They create bias strips which do not fray or become mis-shapen. A great time-saver and so simple to use.


Prym Bias bars are used to make Bias Binding suitable for Appliqué techniques such as Stained Glass Window patchwork.  They come in five different widths and are heat resistant.  The width of each bar is the final width of the completed bias strip.

To make your bias strip, first choose the appropriately sized Bias Bar.

Fig 1
Cut a strip of fabric at least 3-4 times the width of the Bias Bar (this makes it easier to manipulate - the excess fabric can be cut off later). 

With right side of fabric facing outwards, fold in half lengthways down centre (shown by red dashed line) and press lightly. 

Fig 2

Sew a seam so that the distance from the folded edge to the seam is the same width as the Bias Bar (shown by arrow).  Trim seam allowance to less than the width of the Bias Bar.

Fig 3
Take the Bias Bar and insert the rounded end into the tube of fabric.  Thread the fabric along the Bias Bar as far as possible, keeping the fabric smooth.

Fig 4
Turn the fabric on the Bias Bar so that the seam lies centrally (see arrow).  Using an iron, press firmly along the strip flattening the seam allowance.  If making a long strip, thread the Bias Bar farther along the tube, slipping the pressed section off the other end and repeat the procedure.

The Bias Strip can now be sewn to your project.

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how to use bias bars fig 3

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