Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quilting -How To Baste Fabrics

How To Baste Fabrics
a large image of a fabric illustrating the Basting technique

Keep layers of fabric in position when working your quilting projects by following this very simple technique. It takes very little time to do, but you will achieve a much better professional finish.


materials required

Traditional English quilting requires a sandwich of fabrics comprising:

1: Top layer (the decorative, visible layer)

2: Middle layer of wadding

3: Backing layer to stabilise the design (usually of plain cotton or Calico)


When working English quilting, these designs can be quite large.  It is therefore easy for the fabrics to shift and become out of position and this will result in a distorted design.

Fig 1
To remedy this, work a grid of basting stitches (large running stitches) both horizontally and vertically along the fabric, no more than 10 cm (4”) apart as shown in diagram.

This will keep the fabrics together throughout your project.
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basting fabrics diagram

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