Friday, September 25, 2009


We need two thick square sheets to make this jet. The two sheets are folded separately and joined to make the jet.
u get many more from here...
1st section

Fold C to B Fold D to a point a little above CB

Turn over the paper. Fold edge CB, A down to the bottom edge

Unfold completely Make mountain and valley folds along the lines shown in the figure

Fold up B & C
Make mountain fold along the line indicated on both sides.

Fold down the wings along the mark indicated The first section is complete
2nd section

Fold the paper in half and unfold. Then fold up edge CD to the point indicated.
Make mountain fold along the lines

Fold in half Fold down B & D on both sides

The second section is complete

Insert the first section forward through the centre crease between C & D Fold D & C into the first section to make it firm. Fold E firmly into the base of the first section.

The fighter jet is complete

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