Friday, September 25, 2009


Fold the square in two from the middle
Treat the folded paper as one single paper. Crease the paper through the valley lines to the front and the mountain line to the back. Open. From the mid point fold the mountain line bringing both the edges together.

Now you get the above shape. Then fold edges CD to AB
Fold edges A and B again along the markings shown in the figure so that they protrude to the side.

Then fold in the sides along the markings shown in the figure
Fold in edge FG along the centre line marking

Fold out corners F & G
Hold tightly and pull the edges away from centre H

 Pull out the edges H1 and H2 as far as possible to the sides, then flatten the paper
Fold down H1 and H2 along the markings shown

Turn over
Make a pleat, with the mountain crease passing through H. Use pressure as the paper is thick now.

Now your jumping frog is ready. Press your finger on its back to make it jump.
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