Friday, September 18, 2009

Knitting Patterns - Two Color Booties

Two Color Booties  
Materials: For each pair of booties, you will need 1/2 oz. 3-ply baby wool, 3/4 yd. of ribbon, small piece of cardboard, and a fine bone crochet hook. Pair of size 12 knitting needles. This pattern is for White and Pink booties but you may use the colors of your choice.
Gauge: Approx. 7½ sts. = 1 in". Use the size knitting needles which will give you this gauge measurement. This vintage pattern suggests size 12.
Abbreviations: K.B., knit below (place right-hand needle in the st. below the next st. on left-hand needle, knit into these 2 loops and slip off needle);, garter stitch; d.c,, double crochet.
Sole: Begin at center. With No. 12 needles and W, cast on 30 sts. Work 2 rows
Row 3: Inc. in 1st st., k.11, inc. in next st., k,4, inc. in next st., k.11, inc. in last st.
Row 4: K.1, inc. in next st., k.12, inc. in next st., k.4, inc. in next st., k.12, inc. in next st., k.1. Continue inc, at these same 4 points in every row until 54 sts.
Shape Top of Foot: Change to Pink wool and following pat.:
Row 1: * K.1, k.b., rep. from * to last 2 sts., k.2. This 1 row forms the patt. Work 10 rows. Cut wool.
Shape Instep: Slip 1st and last 22 sts. on to spare needles. Join W, to center 10 sts.
Row 1: K.9, k. last st. tog. with 1st st. from left side of instep, turn. Rep. this row 19 times more. Cut wool, and slip all sts. on to 1 needle.
Holes For Ribbon: Using Pink wool.
Row 1: K.1, * m.1, k.2 tog., rep. from * to last st., k.1.
Row 2: P. Continue in W. Work 2 rows Work 3 rows st.-st. Work 4 rows g.-st. Work 3 rows st.-st. Work 5 rows g.-st. Cast off.
To Make UP: Sew sole and back seam. With White wool, work 1 row dc. along last row of sole. Cut cardboard to shape and slip inside booties. Thread ribbon ties.

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