Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fabric Doll

Materials: Orange fabric 12 x 18" ; print fabric 6 x 28"; eyelet ruffle 24"; lace for trim; embroidery thread; yarn scraps for hair; drinking straws; white craft glue; narrow ribbon; fiberfil or shredded foam for stuffing.
1. Enlarge patterns below (each square of pattern = 1"). Cut 6 body pieces, 4 head pieces and 4 hands from orange fabric; cut 6 bodice pieces, 4 arms and a skirt 24 x 6" from print fabric.

2. Stitch body pieces together, leaving 2" of last seam open. Turn and stuff. Slip-stitch to close opening.
3. Stitch bodice pieces together except for last seam. Pull bodice around body and slip-stitch final seam at center back.
4. Sew ruffle to edge of skirt; join back seam. Gather skirt around waist and fit to doll. With skirt pulled up over top of body, hand stitch skirt to bodice and body (when skirt is pulled down, seam will be inside).
5. Stitch hands; turn and stuff. Stitch lace trim across bottom (small end) of sleeves. Right sides together, stitch sleeve seam to form tube; turn. Tuck hand into end of tube and stitch, closing seam. Stuff arm lightly. Fold top edge of sleeve in and slip-stitch arms to body at shoulder line. Tack hands together at front.
6. To make head: Embroider facial features with embroidery floss. Stitch ends of long piece (side of head) together to make a ring. Fit face into face side of ring and stitch. Stitch Stitch 2 pieces for back of head together and fit them into other side of ring, leaving 2" open at bottom. Turn; stuff head; slip-stitch to close opening.
7. Embroider yarn hair smoothly to stuffed head, following seam line across forehead and around ears (stitching should outline ears); and downward in a graceful curve to base of neck. Sew loops of yarn to form bangs. Use long stitches to the center of back of head to make a smooth hairdo. 
8. Make ringlets separately-cut drinking straws about 2" long, coat with white glue and wrap with yarn. When dry, sew curls to back of head, starting with bottom curls and working up. Tie ribbon around curls.
9. Sew head to top of body. Hide seam with collar of lace. Tack pinafore straps over shoulders and into a V in the back. Cover edges and waist seam with ribbon belt.

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