Thursday, September 24, 2009

Embroidery - How To Stem Stitch

How To Stem Stitch
close up of fabric showing how to stem stitch

Stem stitch is one of the most popular outlining stitches but it is also the stitch most often chosen for working stems of flowers. If a thicker stem stitch is required for a design, make the angle at which the stitch is taken greater.



Fig 1
Bring the thread through on the design line at A and hold it down with the thumb. Insert the needle at B and bring it out at C, midway between A and B.

Fig 2
Pull the thread through to se the first stitch. Hold the working thread down with the thumb and insert the needle at D, bringing it out at B.

Fig 3
Insert the needle at E and bring it out at D. Continue in this way, making each stitch exactly the same length.

Fig 4
The effect of the stitch.
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stem stitch fig 1

stem stitch fig 2

stem stitch fig 3

stem stitch fig 4

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