Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Decorative Paper Mosaic Wood Shapes

Decorative Paper Mosaic Wood Shapes
Designed by: Treasure It®
Whether it's a rainy day, Sunday school time, VBS, a weekend at Grandma's, or any other sit-down time for kids, you'll need a craft project for them! Here's a fun idea for turning plain, inexpensive wooden shapes into art. The kids will have so much fun expressing their creativity, and you will love seeing the look of pride on their faces.

Materials needed:

  • Wooden shape
  • Treasure Tape sheet
  • scrap papers
  • Beadlets®
  • faux gems; or other "flat-backed" embellishments
  • shallow pan or tray
1. Peel tape sheet off white liner and adhere to top of wooden shape.
2. With a craft knife, cut tape around edges of wooden shape. Peel back tape's red protective liner.
3. Adhere cabochons and rhinestones as desired.
4. Tear small scraps of paper and adhere. When finished, place your design in a shallow pan or tray and pour Beadlets® over remaining exposed areas.

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