Monday, August 31, 2009

Jewelry making(jumka with hanging beads)

1) Dough flowers
2) jumka earring base
3) Beads for making hanging beads
4) Gold 1 no wire
5) White glue

first u will take a golden wire and at its one end u will stick a small bead so that if we put other big beads they can stay in the wire and u will stick that bead with uhu glue then as u like pass 1 big bead in the wire then make the loop make lot of like them it will be very small not in big size then take one more golden wire then pass this 3 small beads with loop then twist the wire once then put small and big beads as u want then take the jumka base and then pass the wire from the holes given in the base for tassels then twist the wire once or twice not more then that because it u will twist more then the tassels will not more freely then put all the tassels in the base then u can decorate the earring base with dough flowers and fillers etc

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