Monday, August 31, 2009

Home Show-Episode

i doesnt remember the day

the expert toke a glass bottle and painted it with Persian blue spray paints and that bottle was having some deep round circles (khadey)and they were quite big so she places a big marble balls which r also called bantey and then she took silver lead and made petals around the stones and then she used glitter to decorated the rest of the bottle and it was looking very pretty blue and white combination

And some things which she brought was there was 1 frame which was in this shape
( (
) )

and it was decorated with sea shells around the corners and it was of mirror glass and inside it was frosted not all first she said she sketched the deign free hand and then she used lead to cover the decorated part and then she used frosting cream and after 10 to 15 mins she removed it and then she removed the lead from whole deign and then she only again applied silver lead on the outlines of the design

one more frame she brought was of simple glass and she placed a wooden frame which was very small in size as compare to that of the glass and she pasted it on that glass and made a flower inside it with glass colors and then she painted rest of the glass which was outside the wooden frame with plan glass color then she used foil at the back side and that foil was crashed and it was also looking good

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