Friday, November 13, 2009

Eye Make Up...Tips

Eye Make Up

So far, we've brought you fashion features and photographs of glamorous models - this special A La Mode (and more to come) will focus on making YOU look like a model!

For this feature, we got Sakib - a talented make up artist in Lahore - to take two of our own, every day, non-model young ladies and show us how to glamorize their eyes.

Sakib is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Lahore; he hosts a show on the Fashion Channel; and is coming up with his own label of designer wear.

Apply a concealer under your eyes to cover any dark circles. use a darker shade than the typical ivory tones, for a more natural look.

Apply liquid base to the lids - this helps keep the color on your lids longer and also adds a glow.

(This is when you would also apply base to the rest of your face and neck, preferably using a sponge applicator for an even finish)

Apply a liquid eyeliner, a thin line is sufficient. Just go with the natural shape of your eye.

Wet a sponge shadow applicator and cover the entire lid with it. This technique makes it easier for the powder eye shadow to stick to your eye.

Now apply the powder eye shadow to to the entire lid

Use a darker shade of the same color shadow on the corners of the eyes. This makes the eyes look bigger.

Now reapply the eyeliner and smudge the ends for a smoky look

Take a blending brush and blend the colors for a softer look

You can apply a darker shade on the crease of the eye to add more drama and color to your eyes.

Finally, don't forget to finish up with an even coat of mascara on both upper and lower lids.

Again, start with an even coat of powder eye shadow over entire lid

Use darker shade of the same eye shadow on corners

Carefully apply eye liner, with thicker blended edges to add the smoky look

Use a dark eye shadow on creases to add a more dramatic effect

The best tip to apply mascara evenly is to hold the brush still and bat your eye lashes softly through the brush

Apply a soft eye brow pencil to even out any light patches

Ready to go!


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