Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yellow Flip Flops

Yellow Flip Flops

Yellow Flip Flops
Designed by: Amy Law
Skill Level: Beginner
  Materials needed:
• one pair of flip flops (target)
• Treasure Tape Dots
• scissors
• Treasure It Diamond Beadlets
• Mrs. K’s Dimensional Thread: #16 Braid 339, 4639, #12 Braid 018V

1. First apply your dots to the top of the straps on each flip-flop. (We started with one dot in the center, and spaced them about a quarter-inch apart)
2. Peel the red liner off one dot. Using your 018V thread, outline the edge of the dot.
3. With one of the other thread colors, begin filling in the circle by coiling the thread around the edge, moving inward. When you get to the center, trim your end and press down to secure the threads.
4. Repeat this process, alternating colors, until all the dots have been embellished with thread. Enjoy!

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