Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wall Hangings Ganesha Tray

Materials Required :
A round tray
Face of ganesha
Plaster of paris
Copper metallic colour
Fabric colours

Method :
We will take a waste tray like i have a round tray.Then we will take a face of ganesha (it can buy from ther potter ).Then we will wrape the tray with plaster of paris and then we will paste the face of ganesha on the center of the tray.(mixture of plaster of peris for wraping is pop+favicol+water ).When face will stick on the tray then we wiil make some flower with the clay and the make a design on the tray all around the ganesha.Then after drying the whole tray .First we will colour the face of ganesha with metalic colour(copper metallic colour ).Then we will stick some beads for decorate the mukut of ganesha .Then we will colour the rest of the tray with fabric colours.Then apply varnish on the whole tray .Now the tray  is ready then we can hang it anywhere .

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