Saturday, September 19, 2009

Victorian Craft Projects - Floral Candle Holder

This beautiful floral candle holder project was kindly contributed by designer: June Neil. For questions regarding this project, please contact June

What you need: 2 saucers; 2 baby food jars; (or other small jars); 2 candle rings (flowered, seasonal); 1 candle (can use homemade here); glue or glue gun; Black spray paint; (wrought iron looks good).
(If you are going to use a large or tall candle, you may want to fill the bottom baby food jar with sand or rocks for weight.)
What to do:
1. Glue tops on baby jars. Stack and glue in place:
1 saucer (face up)
1 baby food jar right side up
one baby food jar upside down
1 saucer (face up)
2. Spray all with black or black wrought iron paint, allow to dry.
3.  When dry, cut one candle ring through and place on bottom saucer around jar and glue to close.
4. Put candle on top saucer and put ring around it. Beautiful, isn't it?

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