Friday, September 25, 2009

Stitching 2

Red Cotton Housecoat

Materials :
  • Red Poplin cloth- 2m 40cm
  • White or cream  colour cloth- 15cm (You can stitch flowers of your own choice in this cloth )
  • White lace - 30cm

  • Full Length- 108.60cm+5cm (for folding)
  • Bottom width- 45.70cm (one side)
  • Neck depth- 15cm
  • Neck width- 7cm
  • Armhole- 20.5cm
  • Half shoulder- 19.3cm
  • Sleeve Length- 21.60cm
  • Sleeve  round- 35.60cm
  • Yoke width (White or cream Cloth)- 11.5cm
The above materials is for a woman with 147.25 cm length and 81.25cm of chest.

u get many more from here...
Back piece
 Front Piece

 Yoke Piece 

Back Yoke

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