Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rainbow Flip Flops

Rainbow Flip Flops
Rainbow Flip Flops

Designed by: Amy Law
Skill Level: Beginner
  Materials needed:
• one pair of flip flops (target)
• 3/4” treasure tape
• scissors
• Treasure It Diamond Beadlets
• Mrs. K’s Dimensional Thread: #16 Braid 092, 1/8” Ribbon 015, #12 Braid 012

1. Apply your 3/4” tape in two strips to cover the entire top of the plastic straps. Trim to the edge if necessary.
2. Peel back the red liner from both sides.
3. Beginning as close to one end of the strap as possible, use the 015 thread to create a border along the top and bottom of the strap. Add a second border inside the green using your pink thread.
4. Begin in the center of the strap and create a flower using your purple thread. make a loop with the thread and press it down. Make a second loop opposite the first, and press it down as well. Make two more loops to form the flower. Continue these steps along both sides of the straps until you have a row of flowers on each side.
5. Place your flip flop in a ziploc bag or a shallow tray, and pour Diamond Beadlets over the exposed tape. Tap gently to remove excess beadlets, and your new flip-flops are ready to wear!

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