Friday, September 18, 2009

Quilting Patterns - Pieced Pot Holder

Kindly contributed by: Joanne Brownell. For questions regarding this project, please contact Joanne at:
Materials: Scraps of fabrics and batting, graft paper, pattern below.
Instructions: See pattern at bottom of page.
1. Draw pattern on graft paper.
2.Cut out each square, leaving 1 square on each piece with at least 2 squares of the graft paper along the edges.
3. Place main color on paper -Right side of the material up. Then place the other color (right sides together) Sew along the line on the front of the paper. Open up.
Note: If one color is lighter then the color has a small seam.
4. Sew 4 pieces together, matching a to a, b to b etc.. See steps 1, 2, and 3 below.

5.  Remove paper & press.
6. Layer - Main color, batting, the finished quilt block. Measure 3 inches from middle to out side of block).
7. Sew extra wide bias tape to back side - all the way around, leaving enough for a loop.
8. Trim away any excess material - turn bias tape to sew to the front
You are finished!


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