Saturday, September 26, 2009


Ingredients :

Glass – 1 piece
For decoration:
Hard cardboard- 14"X 16"         

Flowers, Leaves

Ceramic powder

Fabric colures
Plaster of Paris



Take a piece of glass and hard cardboard of size 14"X 16". Take a center cut out from the cardboard same as the size of a photo. Now paste the outer cardboard piece and glass with fevicol. Mix ceramic powder, Plaster of Paris and fevicol with the help of water and make a thick paste. Stick this paste on the edges of glass with fevicol and let it dry. Now you decorate the frame with flowers, leaves etc with clay/m-seal. Paint it with fabric colures and glitters. You can also paint it with a coat of varnish for a glossy finish. Now place a photo inside the cutout and cover with the cardboard cutout. Photo frame is ready

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