Saturday, September 26, 2009

Paper Vases

Items Required:
Any waste paper like newspaper or old used
1 paper

note book pages

about 20 to 30 pages
Medium sized Balloon

1 no.
White Glue


Blow the balloon to the size of a muskmelon. Tear the pages into strips of 2inches in width and about 8-10 inches in length. Mix the glue with 3tbsp of water and keep it in a bowl. Now dip each strip of paper in glue and spread it over the bottom part of the balloon, keep placing one strip over another to form the shape of a bowl or vase. Keep it in the sun to dry for 24hrs; break the balloon and there u have a nice shaped paper bowl/vase. Cut the edges of the bowl paint and decorate it to your style. You use it to keep dry flowers or even fruits if it is a big bowl.  Alter the size of your bowl according to the size of the balloon.

u get many more from here...

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