Friday, September 25, 2009

Paper Bag


Paper Bag

Materials :
  • Chart paper
  • Gift Wrap
  • Glue (Fevicol)
  • Thick Thread
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
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bag8.jpg (44422 bytes)
bag02.jpg (20817 bytes)
bag18.jpg (19708 bytes)
Cut a rectangular piece and fold it
Fold it again to make a four fold
bag21.jpg (32749 bytes)
bag16.jpg (33839 bytes)
bag11.jpg (15258 bytes)
Draw a slanting line
Cut through the slanting line
Shape of the paper after cutting
bag17.jpg (26333 bytes)
bag20.jpg (24554 bytes)
bag19.jpg (38217 bytes)
Fold 1 inch of the broader side
Unfold and turn it over, then make a zig zag fold
Level the sides, cutting off  the extra pieces
bag1.jpg (21242 bytes)
bag4.jpg (43193 bytes)
bag3.jpg (53411 bytes)
Stick the chart paper on the wrong side of the gift wrap
Fold the top side of the gift wrap inside
Cut it in the shape of chart paper after leaving 1/2 inches
bag2.jpg (20368 bytes)
bag6.jpg (47806 bytes)
bag7.jpg (45886 bytes)
Apply glue on both sides and stick the 1/2 inch piece inside the chart paper to have a finishing look
Stick open sides together
Punch two holes to fix the handle
bag24.jpg (47395 bytes)

bag.jpg (40892 bytes)
Insert thick thread through the hole and tie it in place

Final Product

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