Friday, September 25, 2009

Mirror Work

Mirror Work

Chain stitch with the round mirror Mirror work is the art of stitching mirrors on to the fabric in a variety of designs.
Mirrors of different shapes (Square, Diamond, Round etc) and sizes are used for Mirror work. Mirror work can be done on any fabric in sarees, blouse pieces, skirts etc. After fixing the mirror you can stitch beads around to make it more attractive.
Sequence is a plastic silver coated material available in different shapes and size. This is also used instead of mirrors.
Materials Required
Mirrors or sequence of desired shapes & sizes
Embroidery Thread
There are different ways of fixing mirrors of different shapes to the fabric. Two or three strands of thread are taken to fix mirrors or sequence.
1st method- For Round Mirrors
Place the mirror on the cloth & draw the out line. Mark a dotted line 1/2 cm away from the outline. On the  dotted line work chain stitch loosely.

Join the last & first chain . Then pass the thread through the inner chain. when it reaches the last chain, insert the mirror and pull the thread and make it tight. Bring the needle out through any chain and then take the needle down the fabric and end it with a knot.

2nd method
You can also fix mirrors by stitching with the mirror placed on the cloth in position. Keep the mirror in position and start stitching. Refer to the figure on the right side and follow the instructions given below
  • Insert the needle at A
  • Take the needle to B
  • Bring the needle to C
  • From C to D
  • D to E
  • E to F
  • F to G
  • G to H
  • Again come back to A. If you want a thicker appearance repeat once again

Do Button hole or blanket stitch on the thread .To give a finishing touch to the work, you can do Closed Herring Bone or Chain stitch as the outline of the mirror.

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