Thursday, September 24, 2009

Machine Embroidery-Simple Machine Applique

Simple Machine Applique
a piece of fabric illustrating simple machine applique

Most machines nowadays have buil-int, programmed stitches. Use these to full effect with lustrous embroidery threads and a few satin ribbons to enhance any project.



To applique a ribbon or braid:

Stabilise the fabric by placing either Calico or Stitch ‘n’ Tear underneath.

Set the machine to zig-zag or choose from other built-in stitches.

Adjust the stitch size to desired length and width.

Lay a length of ribbon or braid along the fabric.

Fig 1
Lower the pressure foot over the far end of the ribbon (either centrally or over one edge).

Stitch through all layers to hold the ribbon in place.

Fig 2
Try a variety of different coloured ribbons and stitches to create colourful effects.
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machine applique fig 1

machine applique fig 2

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