Thursday, September 24, 2009

Machine Embroidery-Machine Cording

Machine Cording
image of three pieces of thread illustrating the machine cording technique

Once you have completed your project, you may want to make some fastening cords or ties. Here is a simple way to create your own cords, using your sewing machine.



Gather a selection of fine knitting yarn, cord, crochet cotton, etc.

Cut threads and yarns to desired length. Knot one end and gently twist the lengths together.

Fig 1
Set the machine to a wide zig-zag stitch.
Thread top and bottom threads with toning shades as both will be visible.

Place the knot of the threads behind the lowered presser foot.
Start to stitch slowly.

You may find that you need to help the threads through at the start, as they may not engage with the feed dogs.
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machine cording diagram 1

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