Monday, September 14, 2009

How to make sand candles?

Sand Candles
Bring home some sand from your camping trip or vacation and make a candle to
remember the good times.

You Need:

a.. Candle Wax
B.. Seashell Mix
c.. Small Seashells
d.. Wick
e.. Bucket of Sand
f.. Double Burner
G.. Stick
Wet the sand and mix it for an even consistency. Scoop a hole in the sand
for the size candle you want. Flatten out the bottom to give the candle a
base. Push the wick into the middle of the hole and tie the other end to a
stick that will rest across the top of the bucket to keep it taut. Roll the
stick if necessary to take up the slack. Push seashells into the side of the

Melt wax in a double burner. Gently pour wax into the sand hole. Let harden
overnight. Lift out of sand. Brush of loose sand.

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