Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gingerbread Sign

This Gingerbread Baked Here wood craft was Kindly Contributed by Designer: Lori Cagle.

Materials: Drill; Black Permanent Marker; Clear Acrylic Sealer; Graphite paper/Transfer paper; Waterbase sealer; Glue; Clean Cloth; Old scruffy toothbrush; sandpaper; 19 gauge wire; fabric strip.
Edible Crafts: Impress your friends with Candy Bouquets and Centerpieces. Make Them For Fun & Profit."
Palette: Delta Ceramcoat Acrylics
Raw Sienna; Brown Iron Oxide; Black; Tomato Spice; Ivory; White; Black Cherry.
Brushes: #12 Flat - Shading; #5 Round - Basecoating; #1 Round - Liner.
Sand Wood pieces and wipe with a clean cloth.  Seal wood with Waterbase Sealer and let dry.  Transfer pattern, except lettering.  Drill holes where indicated.

Instructions: Gingerbread Boy Ornament:
Base gingerbread boy with Raw Sienna, shade with Brown Iron Oxide.  Icing is Ivory. Eyes & mouth are Black.  Spatter with Black & with White.
Sign: Base the inner area with Ivory. Base the outer area with Tomato Spice.  Shade outer area with Black Cherry.  Base the hearts with Tomato Spice.
Finishing: Glue hands onto sign.  Let dry. Spray with Clear Acrylic Sealer and let dry.  Apply linework and lettering with a Black Permanent Marker. Attach wire and fabric bow.

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