Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fruits Glass Murals

Ceramic Basket
Materials :
Glass pieces
Solvent glass colours
Pinhead glass
3d colours
Colour stones
Fruit basket design

Method :
  1. Take a pinhead glass as required size, and trace the design as u wish.
  2. Outline the picture using gol3 3d colour.
  3. Take the glass pieces and breaks it to different sizes.
  4. Apply fevicol on the design and fill it with the glass pieces.
  5. Differentiate the size of the glass pieces for different shape fruits.
  6. Use colour stones for the grapes.
  7. Let it dry for 30 mnts and then colour it with glass colours.
  8. Gloss the picture with glue & gloss.
Frame the picture and hang it.

u get many more from here...

Ceramic Pot

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