Sunday, September 20, 2009

Free Bead Crochet Patterns and Projects

Free Bead Crochet Patterns and Projects - Lots of lovely and unique crocheted items to select from. We hope you enjoy these free patterns. Please take a moment to notify us of any broken or moved links. We greatly appreciate it.
Note: Most links on this page will take you to another site.
The Complete Bead Guide. The Complete Bead Guide Answers All Your Questions About Beads And Is The Ideal Ebook For Beginners & Experienced Bead Lovers!
Beaded Crochet Patterns: Calypso Coasters: Colorful and bright. From
Beaded Keepsake Purse: by;  Shirley Strand of "Shefog's Crochet Workroom
Crochet Beaded Doily: Unique and lovely. From Crochet Kitty
Ann's Beaded Crochet: Lovely Amulet Bags
Bare-Soled Sandals: Unique design, by: Elleni Drafts
Black Beaded Choker: by Julie A. Bolduc
Beaded Socks: Cute, from Marlo's Crochet Corner
Bead Bracelet: Shown in white, from IPF Crochet Store
Beaded Coaster: Quick and easy, from Angelmira
Boutique Ring: Unique, from Web Archive
Bookmark: Just lovely, from Web Archive
Cobweb Scrunchie: Easy and cute, from Web Archive
Diamond Ribbed Scarf: From Jacqs Crochet
Lidya's Leaves Necklace: Unique and lovely, from Bead Wrangler
Mile a Minute Purse: Elegant
Pearl Bead Earrings: From IPF Crochet Store
Rings and Things: A nice collection of easy projects. Jewelry, wine glass charms
Sunburst Glass Cover: Unique and lovely, from IPF Crochet Store
Seed Bead Necklace: Very colorful, from IPF Crochet Store
Victorian Necklace: Simple and pretty, from The Librarian
Wine Glass Charms: Easy design, from Black Purl Magazine
The Complete Bead Guide: The Complete Bead Guide answers all your questions about Beads and is the idea Ebook for Beginners & Experienced Bead Lovers!
Beaded Christmas Projects:
Beaded Angel Ornaments: Pretty tree or decor accents, from Mary's Angels.
Beaded Snowflake: Very dainty, from Karp Styles.
Beaded Stuffed Star Ornament: Cute tree trimmer, from IPF Crochet Store. Highlight Snowflake: Delicate, from Dainty Crochet
Little Holiday Tree: Delightful, from Crochet Workroom 

u get many more from here...

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