Friday, September 25, 2009

Embroidery Stitches

Backstitch is done from right to left. Bring the thread up on the line and insert needle a little to the right. Now bring needle up again an equal distance ahead. Insert again at beginning of the last stitch.

Backstitch, Single Threaded
Work a row of backstitch. With a contrasting colour thread in a blunt needle, lace in and out of the back-stitches. Don't pull the stitches too tight.

Backstitch, Double Threaded
Work a row as in backstitch with a single-thread. Complete stitch by lacing back in opposite direction.

Chain Stitch

Work this stitch from the top. Bring needle up at the top of line. Make a loop with the thread and hold it in place with left thumb. Insert needle to the right  where thread first came up. Now bring the needle out a short distance ahead on line, drawing needle over the loop.

Cross Stitch

It is done from left to right. Bring needle up at lower left  corner of a cross and make a diagonal stitch to upper right corner of cross. Complete the row with these half cross-stitches. Now work back across row, completing each cross. Be sure that each stitch always crosses in the same direction.

Blanket Stitch

This stitch is worked from left to right. Bring needle up and hold the loop of thread down with left thumb. Make a vertical stitch as in diagram, bringing the needle out over loop of thread.

Stem Stitch

This stitch is used for lines, outlines and the stems of  flowers. It is done from left to right. Start at left end of guide line. Be sure to keep the thread below needle throughout. If the thread is held above the needle throughout, the stitch is called outline stitch. Note the interesting effect you get when you make a stitch with the thread above the needle and the next stitch with the thread below the needle.

Couching Stitch

This stitch is used for lines and outlines and worked in close rows. It is worked with at least two threads used separately. Fasten one or more threads at right end of line; bring it up to the top . Hold them in place along line with left thumb. Hold them in place with tiny, evenly spaced stitches made with another thread. When a row is completed, take all threads behind and fasten.

Holbein Stitch

Do  the running stitch along guide line. Be sure that each stitch and the space between stitches are of equal size. On the return journey, work running stitch so that all the spaces are filled in

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