Friday, September 18, 2009

Crafts Projects - Pompom Wreath

Materials: Six 70 yd skeins heavy rug yarn, 2 blue, 2 green, 2 purple (or colors desired); 22" Styrofoam ring covered with green plastic; 66 fern pins; 3 bunches plastic grapes, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 purple; 2 yds. of 1 3/8" green,  water-repellent, velvet-type ribbon; Eight 12" lengths #28 wire; 3" x 4" heavy cardboard.
1. Cut each skein of yarn into 6 yard lengths. Cut twenty-two 4" pieces from the leftover yarn in each color.
2. Use the 3" by 4" cardboard to form pompoms. Wrap one 6 yd length of yarn around the 4" length of cardboard. Slip one matching 4" piece of yarn underneath the loop at the edge of the cardboard. Pull it tightly around the loop and tie a knot. Place a second 4" piece at the opposite side of loop and tie a knot. Cut the yarn loop in the center between the knots on both sides of cardboard forming two pompoms.
3. Lay one pompom crossed over the other. Using the tie piece on the top pompom, tie the two pompoms together. Slip a fern pin through the tie loop.
4. Fluff the double pompom into a puff. Continue tying until twenty two of each color have been formed.
5. Assemble the wreath by pushing the fern pins into the Styrofoam ring. Place the 3 colors of pompoms alternately to cover the ring. Do not place pompoms on the back of the ring.6. Visually divide the ring into quarters. Place a bunch of grapes at the top and side quarter points. Use the lengths of wire to fasten the grapes to the wreath, pushing one piece of wire through the grapes at the top and another at the bottom. Wrap the wire around the ring, and twist the ends to secure the bunches.
6. Form a bow from the green velvet ribbon. Fasten the bow at the bottom quarter of the wreath, with wire. Wrap the last length of wire around the ring at the top and make a loop for hanging.

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