Friday, September 18, 2009

Craft Projects - Tatted Picture

What you need: 4 x 5-inch (inside measurement) picture frame; 5 x 6-inch black felt; an inch square of gold felt; number 30 crochet cotton in the following amounts and colors: 5 yards each of white and brown, 8 yards gold and 10 yards green. Also need two 4 x 5-inch cardboards, a tatting shuttle and number 13 steel crochet hook.
Edible Crafts: Candy Bouquets and Centerpieces. Make Them For Fun & Profit.
Abbreviations: r (ring) rw (reverse work) ds (double stitch) p (picot)
cl r (close ring) sep (separated) ch (chain)
What to do:
Daisy Center: With brown on shuttle and ball, r of 1 ds, 10 small p sep by 1 ds, cl r, join in last p. (Ch 1 ds, p, 1 ds, join in next small p of r) 5 times. Tie and cut threads. Make three.
Daisy Petals: With yellow on shuttle and ball, join in p of first ch on center, ch 10 ds, p, 7 ds, p, 3 ds, join in same pat base of ch, * join in next p, ch 3 ds, join in last p of last ch, 7 ds, 2 p sep by 7 ds, 3 ds, join in same p at base of ch, repeat from * 3 times, leave off last p of last ch. Make three.
Stems: With green on shuttle and ball, join between second and third petals of a daisy, short stem at right has 55 ds. Stem for center daisy has 65 ds. Stem for left daisy has 70 ds.
Lily of the Valley Stem and Flowers: With white on shuttle and green on ball, start at bottom, ch 50 ds, (r of 3 ds, 4 p sep by 1 ds, 3 ds, cl r, rw. Ch 5 ds, rw) twice. (R of 3 ds, 4 p sep by 1 ds, 3 ds, cl r, rw. Ch 2 ds, rw) 7 times. (R of 5 ds, p, 5 ds, cl r, rw. Ch 2 ds, rw) twice. R of 5 ds, p, 5 ds, cl r. Tie and cut threads.
Leaf: With green on shuttle and ball, ch 6 ds, 12 p sep by 6 ds, 6 ds, rw. (Ch 6 ds, join in next p) 12 times, ch 6, join at base of first ch. Tie and cut threads.
Arrange on black felt as shown in photograph or make your own arrangement. Sew in place. Sew felt pot over ends of stems. Center floral arrangement over cardboard, fold felt over cardboard and glue to back. Glue second cardboard securely to back. Fasten in frame.

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